One might ask “Why is Meditation required of the Jedi Path?”. We could all point to the fiction and say “well, they did it…” but really that doesn’t do anyone any good. Tradition should not be the sole basis of one’s practice. Tradition doesn’t give meaning or value, and it leads to a state of monotony. That, in and of itself, is the antithesis of meditation- which is the cornerstone of the Jedi Path.
The purpose of the Jedi Path is to lead one down the road of engaging their own Hero’s Journey – be it the path of a Personal Hero (a person who is working to overcome their flaws) or the Epic Hero (a person who seeks to transform their community for the better). This can only really occur when we are able to contemplate ourselves, the world around us and interact with it based on those contemplations. Meditation can also be used to help us find our center, heal others, and gain wisdom from the world around us.

While many may think of meditation in terms of how it is used in Eastern or New Age traditions, it is important that we know and understand that this is not the root of the word meditation at all. These are merely the popular forms which have informed our culture.

Meditation is derived from the latin word “meditari” meaning “to ponder”, “to reflect upon”, “to consider”, and “to intend (direct attention to)”. In knowing this, we can become more aware of the fact that meditation’s early beginnings were aimed at directing one’s thoughts towards a focused subject. As we have advanced in our understanding of the versatility of this, many practices have been adopted under the umbrella term “Meditation”.

It is because of this, that we must also recognize that no meditation form will fit everyone. Furthermore, we should also consider the fact that each meditation technique has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. One meditation form may be better suited for contemplating the deeper meaning of spiritual topics, while another is better at actually helping us break our negative habits. Therefore, it is the stance of International Jedi Federation (IJF), that to help facilitate a person’s individual Jedi Journey it is appropriate to help students find Meditation Techniques that both suits them, and their needs along the path.

The purpose of Meditation Development being the first class necessary for completion, is because we believe that the foundation of all internal and ethical work begins with contemplation and focus on the discussion you’re being asked to engage. This both helps us to manifest the first two lines of the Jedi Code working from emotion to peace and from ignorance to knowledge.

Discuss your experience with meditation has been up until now.  Your answer should be a minimum of 100 words.

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