Did you know…?
That it is important that when you create your own mantra, you know what it means fully to you. It’s also of vital importance that you don’t write one with negativity laced into the words. Every word carries it’s own frequency, and your body can pick up on that frequency. Below is a video by Sadhguru about a woman he met who was not initiated into a mantra, and lost her voice BECAUSE she didn’t understand what she was saying and simply tried to mimic the words. Her body picked up on the energy of her mistranslation and caused her to lose her voice. He also explains how using that same mantra, she was able to return her voice. It’s a very interesting story for a variety of reasons- not just in terms of how the body responds to what we say, but also in terms of how language works within the Force.

For your assignment, write a minimum of 150 words about the importance of knowing the full meaning behind the mantra you are using before you engage with it.  While the video below is one example, we encourage you to form your own examples.


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