This a moving-mantra meditation that utilizes a Lightsaber 😃. This meditation lays it’s foundations upon the first line of the Jedi Code, working towards helping a person process their emotions (be it negative or positive) to reach a state of peace, so that we may know how to move from chaos to harmony.


This meditation was created through the efforts of Darcy Winterthorn (worked on physical form and edited/narrated the video), Sophia(helped develop the physical form, including the seated form), Sotunus (helped develop the physical form), and Setanaoko (created mantra and developed the philosophy).


While we hope that you learn this meditation as a whole system, asking you to accomplish that for this assignment would take a long time. If you become an apprentice, learning the form may or may not be a requirement of your apprenticeship. So instead, this assignment will focuses on a discussion of how philosophically physical form can contribute to meditative focuses.


Watch the video below and choose one pose/action to practice for 2 minutes a day for the next 6 days. During your time in the pose or flowing through the action, consider what you learn from it while considering the mantra that it is associated with. On day 7, submit your observations.  Your answer should be a minimum of 150 words.


Student Submissions

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