There is a fine line between Psychosis and Spiritual Experience. This was first truly addressed in more “modern” times by Teresa of Avila, a Carmelite Nun from the 1500s. In her book “The Interior Castle”, she attempts to breach the topic of “Locutions”. These were voices or messages that could come from God, the devil or even the imagination.

From her pointing out that not all voices heard are from God, she opened up the door way for people to explore the nature of what they heard. She also opened up the door for people to discuss the true nature of what should be counted as good locutions, and those which should be discounted.


Because belief in the Force is so vastly different, we have differing opinions of what locutions are. Some will believe they can communicate with divine beings, while others don’t believe in such things altogether and the only voice you hear is your own.

But to both of you, I want to challenge your understanding of why it’s important to distinguish your own voice from that of another.


For the Person who believes that we can communicate with divine beings or receive messages from the Force:

Being able to distinguish the voices and messages you hear or feel your receive from your growing interaction with the Force is the first step in learning to determine whether or not you should act on something you think you have been given. It also goes a long ways in better dealing with your own emotions.

It also helps in building a healthy relationship with the Force. You can learn to see where such influences are guiding you (to the light, or to the dark), and how the knowledge you tap into is affecting your day-to-day life.


For the Person who does not believe we can communicate with divine beings or the Force:

This is valid. However, while you may believe such- there is a psychological principle which should be taken into consideration: We are social creatures.


Just follow me. As you move through your life, you will hear all kinds of things said to you. Some people will criticize you, others praise you, and some that will seek to encourage you. These voices get absorbed into your person and can pop up at various times when you least expect it. It’s good to get the jump on these voices and see what it is that you might let affect you when you’re down.


The videos below are a technique you can use to better help determine your voice from the voice of another- be it someone you encountered in your life or the voice of something divine beyond you. They are beginning steps, and any futures ones can be taken by you as you decide more and more how you understand the Force and what is and/or isn’t within it’s capabilities. The “ritual” at the end, is a way to help you begin working through whatever it is you discover during your meditations. As I wrote a new introduction, this series picks up on part 2 of the meditation process.

For your assignment, after going through the meditations in the series above, write down something you learned about your own voice in the comments below.  Your answer must be a minimum of 100 words.


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