You might be wondering: Why are we beginning this course with an introduction to what the outside world believes the Force to be, rather than just talking about what the fiction says it is?


For the record, this lecture predates Disney buying the rights to Star Wars by a fair number of years. However, the community began knowing long ago a truth that was finally explicitly stated in the Disney Canon which kind of got lost a long time ago in the community. My favorite line in “The Rise of Skywalker” is one from Luke:


“And this is the lesson. That Force does not belong to the Jedi. To say that if the Jedi die, the light dies, it’s vanity.” Luke Skywalker, The Rise of Skywalker


When the Jedi Community began, talks were not largely about the Force from the perspective of the films, but rather how it related to other esoteric languages. Most people drew from the concept of Chi/Ki/Qi. Some took information from the Hindu concepts of Prana; New Age language around god; the Chinese Tao; and even Christian language around God.


If the Force exists, then the first thing we need to acknowledge, is that it didn’t just suddenly become something we were aware of because of a 1970s film. It has to have existed throughout the entire history of humanity. But humans don’t always agree on what it is they are seeing. They don’t always access the same areas of understanding, just like the blind men trying to explain what an elephant is by simply touching it. But more than that, our languages cannot always translate the same way to someone who does not speak our primary language or to someone who has it as their second, or is using a translator.

However, by at least trying to understand how others have interacted with the Force throughout history, we can access more ideas and concepts that can better help us learn about the Force. And by doing so we come to a place where we can truly manifest the heart of the last line of the Heartland Jedi Creed “It is through understanding of the Force, I am a transformed.”


After watching the above video, research one of the 5 religious equivalents of “the Force” spoken of in the transcript (Energy, Ashe, Teotlc, Magick, or God/Holy Spirit). How does it relate to the idea that the Force is in everything, it creates all, and is created by all.  
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