You may have noticed, after contemplating Positive Regard, that the Jedi Compass does give us a line in the sand to work with. After all, being a Guardian of Peace isn’t always about taking the pacific (no not the ocean, it’s a real term XD!) route. That’s made sorely obvious in the fiction that many of us were inspired by in the first place. There will be times when you have to confront that which causes damage. To that effect, the line in the sand is drawn when the choices of others “would be an (emotionally, spiritually, financially and/or physically) abusive threat to themselves or another person.


For your assignment answer the following two questions:

1) To what extent should we tolerate a person’s unwise decisions? Are there circumstances where an individual should act to protect a person against themselves, for that person’s own good? If it helps, consider an individual with a gambling problem as an example. Discuss, and support your answer.


2) What are some things that you feel would indicate to you that you were no longer a catalyst for someone’s growth and may need to cut ties for either your own or their betterment?

Your answer must be a minimum of 250 words

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