The video below discusses the previous version of the Jedi Compass’ Virtue “Tolerance”. Just this year (2022), the tenet has been updated to read “Positive Regard”. The New definition for this tenet reads as follows:


Positive-RegardA Jedi does not need to agree with all people, however, they should approach others with positive-regard. They should not sit in judgement, but rather be accepting of others as fellow human beings. They should respect others choices, even if they think they are unwise, as they would hope their own would be respected. A Jedi only challenges the choices of others when those choices would be an (emotionally, spiritually, financially, and/or physically) abusive threat to themselves or another person.

After reviewing the video and contemplating the above definition, use the comments below to compare and contrast the difference between these two concepts? How does changing the tenet from “Tolerance” to “Positive Regard” affect the Jedi Mindset? Your answer must be a minimum of 150 words


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