Looking over the Core Ethics in the Jedi Compass (Loyalty to the Jedi Code, Duty to the All, Respect the Law, Defense and Action), choose one and explain how it can help inform a Jedi of their use of the Force.  Your answer must be a minimum of 250 words.


Core Ethics

Loyalty to the Jedi CodeThis has a few different variants depending on what order a Jedi attends. A Jedi is bound by the code. By maintaining your loyalty to the code, you are able to keep your actions in check through the moral integrity of the Jedi Path outlined in the Jedi Code. It is important that a Jedi checks their own version of the code against the original codes (Yet, Not, and Skywalker code) before they adopt it.

Duty to the All A Jedi’s mission is to support their community through service. A Jedi is charged with acting, objectively, when they recognize a situation where someone needs help. Jedi put their lives above the lives of others, even when facing danger, but know that they can help through direct action or indirect action as per the situation.

Respect the Law A Jedi knows enough of the law to operate within it. Jedi should respect, and do their best to live by the laws of the land they are living in. However, some laws may be flawed and should be amended. When the written law is unjust, or in the absence of legal precedence, a Jedi must act for the best interest of others as they see the situation.

Defense A Jedi understands that defense is not purely physical, but that there are many ways to defend a person or property. As such, it is important to understand that Jedi are not vigilantes. If, however, they are in a position where they are called to defend themselves or someone else against loss of life, limb or eyesight, they are allowed to apply the appropriate amount of force necessary for defense. When defending, a Jedi does what they can to minimize damage to all parties involved.

Action A Jedi recognizes that there are times when getting involved with a situation is against the will of the person they are seeking to assist, or that helping them may be more detrimental in the long run. Conversely, they also recognize that there are times where their actions, though needed, will have negative repercussions. As such, a Jedi seeks inner wisdom to determine when to act and when not to act.

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