To be considered for Knighthood with the Jedi Federation, a candidate must:

  1. Complete an approved Basic Jedi Training program.

a. Any additions or changes to a program will be expected to be completed within 1 year of it’s institution to the program.

b. The Director of Education will be responsible for ensuring that current knights are making headway to complete this task in a timely manner, and maintain records of such- which will be logged with the Director of Administration & Director of Community.

II. Complete a Candidate’s Packet

  1. 2 Letters of Recommendation, one must be from an IJF knight, the other may come from anyone that is in good standing and has been active at a Jedi Order or social media Jedi group for more than two years.
  2. A portfolio of Jedi assignment work is optional.
  3. A document stating that the candidate has passed their background check.

III. Undergo a Background Check by the Council of Guardians

  a. Basic background check of public registries.

b. Anything which is a violent or sex crime found against a candidate will be reported to the Board of Directors for review and to be discussed with the Candidate before a Review Board is approved.  

1.  Besides the Director who is on a Review Board and person running the background check, no Review Board Members will be apprised of a Candidate’s criminal history without the explicit approval of the Candidate.  

2.  A Candidate’s refusal to not allow for disclosure, will not disqualify them for a Knighthood.

IV. The Candidate’s Education History, Packet, and Background Check will go to the Council for Review and Approval by the Jedi Federation Board of Directors.

After Approval to Candidacy

I.  Go through the Labyrinth of Trials no more than 2 months prior to their review Board.

a.  The assigned Mystic(s) will give an assessment to the Director of Mystics and Review Board of the Candidate’s Labyrinth in the form of Pass or Fail. 

1.  If the Candidate failed, the assigned Mystic will need to communicate to the Director of Mystics what they feel was a demonstration of failure.  

2. The Director of Mystics will communicate this information to the Review Board as the section it falls under in the Jedi Compass (Self-Awareness Interior, Self-Awareness Exterior, Overcome Aggression, Overcome Recklessness, and/or Overcome Attachments), but will not disclose any specific details to the Board.

II. Demonstrate the ability to the tenets of the Jedi Compass to make a decision in a role-playing situation.

a. A minimum of 1 knight on a candidate’s review board will be assigned the Candidates’ team to evaluate how the candidate handles a situation they are given.

b. The exercise will be created by a member of the Council of Knowledge and reviewed the Board for approval.

III. Undergo a Review Board

a. Each Review Board Member will be allowed to ask up to 5 questions 

1.  A minimum of 3 questions must pertain to the section (Ineffable, Core Ethics, Virtues, and Prowess) the Board Member has been given to use for review of the Candidate.

2. The last 2 may be personal questions, but must be based solely on the information they received in the Candidate’s Packet. 

IV. The Review Board will deliberate on the Candidate’s Labyrinth, Jedi Compass Demonstration and Review Board results to determine if the Candidate is ready for Knighthood.  After the decision, they will call the Candidate back in to communicate their constructive findings and final decision.