Jedi Education

Bringing the Jedi Path to Life

Introductory Program

An exploration of the Jedi Compass, and it's application to your personal life.

The Introductory Program is free and available to all who wish to learn about the Jedi Path through the lens of the Jedi Compass.  

Different Ways to Engage the Training!

This program can be done in different ways.

 – Our goal is to train Jedi Knights so that they can train Jedi Aspirants in their communities on how to manifest the Jedi Path in their own life.  If there is a knight near you, and you’re interested, we can work on connecting you with them.

– For persons who have submitted an application to become a full member of International Jedi Federation, there is an opportunity to participate in live classes via Zoom. 

– We offer space in our forums for members and guests to open a personal journal where they can keep their assignments in a centralized space for others to read.

– For persons who wish to keep their training more private with a teacher, we offer the ability to submit your assignments on the website and engage with a Jedi Educator via email.


When you’re done with the Introductory Curriculum, you may find that you want to grow more on this Jedi Journey!  We offer an opportunity to continue education through a formal apprenticeship.  This is only available to Registered IJF Members

Jedi Mystic Training

Once you become a Jedi Knight, you will have the opportunity to learn how you can help others on their journey as a Jedi Mystic. This program will teach you how to facilitate meditative practices developed by Real Life Jedi, and grow as a Peer Supporter.