Jedi Education Program

The International Jedi Federation has an education program that is a hybrid of the academic and apprentice styles of learning. The academic portion is hosted on our Facebook Group via “Facebook Guides”.  The link to the guides is below:

Before you can become a full Jedi Knight, you will need to complete all four guides. However, Apprenticeship will become available to you once you have completed the first guide (Spiritual Art of Meditation). After you are done with the first guide, please submit a request for apprenticeship to with answers to the following questions:

  • What are your expectations of a training master in terms of availability?

  • What do you feel is the best way to ensure that you are achieving training goals set by your training master? (Deadlines, check-ins, etc)

  • How would you describe your learning style?

  • What are some goals you believe you need to accomplish before you can accept yourself as a Jedi Knight?