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As with any community, a certain language emerges. What many have observed as a "gathering" is when two or more Jedi come together with the purpose of growing and learning about the Jedi Path. As such, there are a variety of "gatherings" or events that the Jedi Federation hosts, sponsors, or in which they are featured.


The National Jedi Gathering (or "The National") are held once a year. Jedi, Force Followers, and their friends and family come from all parts of the world to share and exchange knowledge and experience of the Jedi Part (or to just give support). We strive to have a blend of workshops/seminars that focus on the mind, body, and spirit. One might see discussions, swordwork, meditation. It has also become tradition to have "knightings to recognize the hard work and training that our fellow Jedi have performed.

The location typically changes from one year to the next.

If you are interested in hosting the National, please download the proposal form and submit it to the Gathering Committee no later than November 15th. The Gathering Committee is there to give you support.


A Regional Gathering (or a "Regional") is similar to the National Jedi Gathering only focused on a particular region. The frequency also varies. One need not be part of a particular area to attend these events.  

If you are interested in hosting a Regional, please speak with your Regional Leader.


A Chapter Gathering (or a "Meetup") is the local event set up by chapters. Please visit our "Chapters and Affiliates" page for more information about particular meetings.