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Topic for discussion: How do you define "truth" when society shifts so often?

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Jedi Mom has another book study lined up!! We hope you’ll join us.  Grab the book and read or listen on audio while you’re driving around this coming month!  And jot down notes so you can share your personal insights when we have the Zoom call on 2 July @7PM CST!!! 

By Claudia Gray (back cover Synopsis)
When the rebellion defeated the empire at Endor, Leia Organa believed a lasting peace was at hand. A hope that now seems all but doomed. In her new role as senator Leia is grappling with numerous threats to the fledgling, democracy, from underworld king pins, treacherous politicians, and imperial loyalists to vicious partisan battles within the new republic itself. Now the Senate desperately seeks a strong political leader to heal the divided galaxy but as the daughter of Darth Vader, Leia is wary of a single person, wielding so much power, including herself, yet it may be her only option. For the edges of the galaxy, see a mysterious threat is growing.
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During this month of Mental Health Awareness, we wanted to highlight this Axiom, found in the book "The Light Within: A Journey through the Axioms of Ashla" by Justin Gates.

The people around us are use to who we were before, they may be ready to hear that their expectations of you need to change because you're evolving into someone you want to take pride in.  Be patient with their expectations and your desire to grow.

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