And while the waters were returning from off the earth, Amalivaca came from a distant land in his large canoe. And from time to time he stopped to carve figures and mystical signs upon the rocks, which are still to be seen, though no man can interpret them.

Now when dry land was to be seen, it was found to be very rough, so Amalivaca made the sides of many hills smooth, and also the land at the foot thereof. And Amalivaca said, “men must have communication one with another, let each man make a clearing by the bank of the rivers, and the rivers shall bear you one to another.” And Amalivaca taught them to make canoes. But certain men said to Amalivaca, “It is too hard a thing to paddle against the current, make the current to flow upwards on one side of the river.”

Now Amalivaca toiled mightly, but for all of his skill he could not do this thing. Then Amalivaca thought about the sea, and he caused the tide to flow up the river many miles, as it does to this day. But the rivers said, “Should the tide go higher, all will be covered.” So Amalivaca ceased from his labours, and departed from the land of the Caribs.

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What thoughts do you have after reading this story? What lesson do you feel Jedi can take from it?