Sanhedrin 65b:18

“The Gemara relates another fact substantiating the statement that the righteous could create a world if they so desired: Rav Ḥanina and Rav Oshaya would sit every Shabbat eve and engage in the study of Sefer Yetzira, and a third-born calf [igla tilta] would be created for them, and they would eat it in honor of Shabbat.”

When most of us consider the idea of a “golem” we think of a sort of body guard crafted from clay.  But that’s not the only thing that is considered a golem.  In fact, until God gave the breath of life to Adam, he too was a “golem”.  And in the above text, we see another example of what Jewish Mysticism attributes to being a golem: A calf created for a meal.  Of course, the above story also is believed to be a hint at how Abraham prepared a calf meal for God and his Angels when they delivered news that his wife Sarah would become with child.

The Golem is a fascinating concept in mysticism which gives us hints to the great gift bestowed upon man in Genesis: That we were made in the image of God (or if you prefer “Elohim”, which is sometimes interpreted to mean God and His Heavenly Hosts/Angels).  And what is more evident of an image of God than His ability to create.

Although we can certainly find that a large variety of animals are capable of creation, we can also agree that it is not nearly on the same scale as what man is capable of.  In fact, in the Bible we are given hints as to why God wanted man to have this ability to create: so that we could become good stewards of the Earth.

Adam was created to till the earth, that was his purpose.  But he had to be able to create in a way that other animals could not in order to accomplish this.  And in Psalms we see that the meek are meant to inherit the earth itself.  The whole of the our ability to create is centered around the facilitation of what happens here on earth.

As human beings, we have choices on what whether or not we will use our talents to create or destroy.  And although there are times you need to destroy something in order to create something better, the focus should always be upon Creation rather than destruction.  

As Jedi, we have a goal to become guardians of peace, to protect civilization, but in order to do that creation must be incorporated into our efforts.  Creation begins, as a golem does, with building something out of what you are given and breathing life into it with your words and beliefs which form into action.

Let me ask you: In your drive to become a Jedi in the world, what is it that you need to create, and what life do you need to breath into it, to see that realty come to life?