The final question of the Master Labyrinth is “How will you defend X, when you can no longer physically protect X?”

Anything can happen that would prevent a Jedi from being able to pursue their journey.  Death is certainly one of the ways this can happen, but it’s also true that at some point we may find ourselves disabled completely.  Old age, unforeseen accidents, medical conditions setting in.  These aren’t things to be ashamed of, but they are good to plan for.

The answer to this question must demonstrate that you are thinking of your next steps to ensure that your mission can live on past you.  That may come in the form of teaching others so they can carry on the mission in your place, it may be that you’re training people to continually overcome what life throws at them, or it may even be that you’re working on setting up an organization or fund that can continually work on the mission you’re called to.

A Master may focus on the here and now, but they are also forward thinkers.  In many ways, this is what separates the Knight from the Master.  In the fiction, a Master both served as a knight when called to action and was someone that passed knowledge on in order to build the future.  A knight focused primarily on the missions they were given.