The Jedi Community overall needs a Common Thread of Connection – Which would bring us closer together. So many groups try to push each other away by saying that THEY are on the right path. The community should be finding more of the common connections and embrace and celebrate where we are similar.

The Force is suppose to bring us together, not separate us. That is why I find it so funny that so many groups want to remain apart from each other. It seems to go against what the force is meant to be about.

It would also be nice to see more Participation amongst the community as a whole. There is a lot of talk and communication of one way or the other, but we should try to unite in some way to help across the entire globe.

Would love to hear your ideas on how to save our planet and protect the people of earth.
Stop separating from each other and unite !

Master Raphael ben Raven
aka Ross Greenberg